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Welcome to Hawthorn Hill Foxtrotters

Thanks for visiting my site! Updated 11/30/2023

The goal of Hawthorn Hill Foxtrotters is to promote usefulness and versatility in order to restore the breed’s credibility as a true working horse that quite frankly, it lacks these days. Gaited horses were the first choice of mount for cowboys “back in the day” when they needed a comfortable horse with good worth ethic that was capable of going all day long. Now, all you see in the working pens are Quarter Horses. Achieving a change in perception toward our breed requires producing safe, athletic horses with naturally good dispositions, conformation, correct gait, and substantial size. A range of horses are offered for sale from weanlings to finished riding horses, ready for the trail, show ring, and everything in between. These horses are loved and handled daily from birth, and it shows in their love and trust toward humans.

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Training: Our Philosophy

We are extremely excited to announce that we will now be offering training services for horses of all ages and disciplines! It takes a good foundation to create a solid, reliable horse and at Hawthorn Hill Foxtrotters, we believe in starting with the basics to find any “holes” in the horse’s training. Starting basic doesn’t necessarily mean slow progress; it means creating an understanding so that your horse moves forward with an understanding of their partnership with you.

We are unique in that we are a team- Claire and Trent Burch both have backgrounds in colt starting and working with a wide range of breeds but of course, the Missouri Fox Trotter is our specialty. We work with all ages, from halter breaking and ground work with weanlings and yearlings, to starting 2 and 3 year olds under saddle, to finding and fixing the root cause of your discontent with your older horses.

Another aspect of our program that really sets us apart is the careful research that goes into the well being of the horses in our care. We invest in quality tack and equipment so that your horse has the best experience possible. We educate ourselves as much as possible in equine biomechanics, saddle fit, and nutrition so that your horse comes home their absolute best both mentally and physically. We don’t do what we can to cut costs but instead give your horses all the best and hope that you see the difference that we do.


Weanlings and Yearlings: Respect from the Ground

$950/30 days

Weanlings and Yearlings: Respect from the Ground-Get your young ones leading, trailer loading, standing tied, standing for hoof trimming, bathing, a fluent understanding of ground work, and so much more!


Colt Starting

$1,500/30 days

Colt Starting-Let us create a willing partner both on the ground and under saddle with a solid foundation in the arena and on the trail! Whether you have a performance show prospect, versatility prospect, or trail prospect, we believe in starting them all the same. We will put a good foundation on your horses as well as lead you through having the same success with them yourself once they’re ready to come home. 


The Finished Horse

*Inquire about pricing on tuneups, problem horses, cowhorse training, and multiple horse discounts*

The Finished Horse-While we believe there is always more to teach a horse, we offer to put those “finishing touches” on horses past the colt starting phase. From training for the performance ring, to reining, cattle sorting, roping, endurance conditioning, and more, we work with you to create a safe mount that loves what they do. 

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Katie Colt: October 10, 2023

Not For Sale

This colt is absolutely breathtaking! The quality in the conformation, disposition, and the gait bred into him have come from inheriting the best possible combination of traits from both Katie and Bentley. I am so smitten with this big guy! He’s the biggest foal I’ve ever seen, has that “born broke” disposition that Bentley and Southern Playboy are known for, and is just stunning to look at on top of it all. At 1 week old, he was leading like an old lesson pony, and stood without a care in the world while I clipped his face & ears. Bentley is 3/3 for producing the most phenomenal dispositions we’ve ever seen in foals! He can really move and is going to be HUGE, just like I wanted! He stands at 11 hands already at 1 1/2 months old, is projected to mature at 15.3-16.1 and is so solidly built! As we work toward downsize our breeding program in the coming year, I believe it’s in our best interest to retain this guy as we work toward promoting this amazing younger generation. He is a phenomenal example of the quality Bentley produces and will remain intact for now. 


HHF Hollywood Mercedes: September 6, 2023


Introducing Hollywood Ellie Mae S. and HHF Bentley’s filly, “HHF Hollywood Mercedes,” name pending, born September 6, 2023. Read more about Ellie Mae & Bentley under their respective sections in “Horses.” I think this is the perfect cross, combining Time To Tango with Hollywood Playboy bloodlines, to produce the best gait possible, size (likely 15.1-15.2 and wide), amazing hooves and gentle dispositions from both, with Bentley adding bone, a more refined head, and his natural curiosity. She should be the perfect western horse, that ideal ranch horse look and agility level, but with GAIT! I believe she is a perlino but am awaiting color test results, as she could be a smoky cream or cremello as well. I look forward to working with her when she and Ellie Mae come home to our house in November.


Cricket Filly: September 14, 2023

Not For Sale

Perfect Tango had a gorgeous sorrel filly by C.I.A. just in time to share a birthday on September 14th! Read more about Perfect Tango under “Horses.” There is so much to say about C.I.A. A performance World Grand Champion, National Association of Breeders Champion, as wide as he is tall, with draft-like bone and hooves, a huge, muscular shoulder and hip, with a pretty little dished face. This foal will have perfect gait, perfect conformation, and a perfect disposition. This cross checks every one of my boxes except for height. She stands at 10.3 hands at 2 months old and is projected to mature at 14.1-14.3 hands. As someone that likes a taller horse, I still can’t imagine a better cross for my mare and I can’t wait to repeat it in the spring! This is one of the prettiest foals I’ve ever had that’s guaranteed to have natural talent to boot! She’s the most powerful moving 1 month old foal I’ve ever seen. She has that “in your pocket” disposition that I love and immense athleticism on top of it. As we’re dramatically downsizing our breeding program, I’ve made the decision that I will need to retain her as we work toward promoting our next great generation of horses. 


HHF Peterbilt: September 4, 2023

$3,500—Sale Pending

We welcomed a gorgeous, STOUT black based, (possibly grey, also possibly homozygous for black- will be color tested) colt out of Mouse’s Magic Misty Gray, by HHF Bentley on September 4, 2023! We are calling him HHF Peterbilt “Petey.” Mixing old and modern performance lines with great dispositions, this colt will have fantastic gait, around 15 hand height, and the mind to do it all. He will have that correct, all natural fox trot that could take a novice rider really far in the versatility ring someday. He’s already leading well, picking his hooves up, disengaging his hindquarters, and handles clippers around his eyes, ears, muzzle, and bridle path like a champ! I’ve raised many friendly, gentle foals that were bred for their dispositions but he may be the best example so far. He’s a stunning spitting image of his daddy at the same age and truly received the very best traits from both parents. Only because I have no use for another male, stud or gelding, and definitely plan on repeating this cross, Petey will be available at weaning. I am certain he will turn out to be a fantastic grandma/grandpa/grandkid mount someday and will gladly buy him back at any point if you disagree- I’m halfway tempted to keep him as a backup first horse for our daughter in case we were to ever sell Birdie! $3,500 is an absolute steal!


Coming March 2024


Sheza Whole Lot Of Chocolate "Maddie" has been bred to C.I.A. for a March 2024 foal. While I'm excited to cross her with Bentley in the future, C.I.A. was undoubtedly the best option for Maddie while Bentley was away for show season. With the big motors and amazing front ends on both sire and dam, this foal is guaranteed to be a show prospect, but as with all Hawthorn Hill foals, it’ll have the conformation and disposition to go in any direction. This foal will be conformationally solid, stocky, and fancy as it gets- the color possibilities of silver dapple, black, sorrel or a sorrel silver carrier are truly just a huge bonus.

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Horses range in price due to their natural abilities, training level, future potential, and ability to reproduce. Prices on young horses will be updated every few weeks to reflect their training.


HHF Bentley


Bentley is a September 2019 colt by Time To Tango and out of a Sunrise Tradition mare. He has a World Grand Champion title in the Open Weanling Model division, Reserve Champion Yearling at the National Breeder’s Championship show, and Reserve World Grand Champion in the Amateur division in 2021. I have many videos of his amazing gait and welcome visitors! I am extremely excited to spend the winter exposing him to the trail, cattle sorting, roping, reining, and whatever I can throw at him. He has such a kind, willing disposition and so much try, but I want to keep training exciting for him and find what he truly loves. He is what I believe is an ideal representation of the breed. He has such a quiet, gentle soul in the body of a giant. Bentley is currently 15 hands and almost 1,200 lbs, with bone circumference you don’t often see in this breed at just 4 years old. He has the traits of a true working horse that I want to preserve in this breed- with his disposition, bone, fantastic hooves, and all around solid conformation, he is built to get the job done and to last! Being smoky black, he can produce black, bay, smoky black, buckskin, palomino, and chestnut with a “plain” chestnut mare, though he was not bred for color. As we make moves toward reducing our breeding herd as we focus more on the training side of the business, I would love for someone to purchase him as a stallion. If not, he will be bred to Maddie this spring before selling him as a gelding. Every mare way out produced herself this fall and I just have too many foals I’m excited about keeping and bringing along. 

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Playboy Remedy’s Golden Spell “Katie”


Katie is a true 16 hand 2016 mare that is Southern Playboy line bred. I have not run out of good things to say about this mare since I bought her from Clyde and Samantha Connelly in February of 2018 as a long yearling. She has the disposition, speed, athleticism, gait, conformation, and size I’ve always dreamed of having. She is the easiest horse I’ve ever broke to ride and has carried me many, many miles in the past few years and is a proven competitive endurance horse up to 55 miles. There is absolutely nothing this horse will not do under saddle and gives 100% effort every ride. I have videos of her riding down busy highways, through the city, around moving trains, she’s been roped off of, loves water- I truly have yet to find something she won’t do. She has been used as a lesson horse and had a partial lease to a beginner rider in her 70s, but I will say that she really likes to move out and will be happier with a rider that lets her do so. To be completely honest, it can be a challenge to clip the insides of her ears but it is doable and she is very easy to clip elsewhere. She has TONS of rhythm and shake, with her flat foot walk and running walk being her strongest gaits, though she does have a lovely fox trot, and produces gorgeous, performance style movers when bred to the right stallions. She produced HHF Final Play, a stunning, confident, people oriented, black filly by Cardinal’s MVP in 2021, and a gorgeous colt by HHF Bentley in October 2023 that we’d like to retain. She is open but can be sold in foal to HHF Bentley at no additional cost at the buyer’s request.

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Perfect Tango “Cricket”


Cricket is a WIDE 14.3 hand fall 2018 mare by Time To Tango and out of Twilight Tradition (by Sunrise Tradition). She is a full sibling to our stallion, HHF Bentley. She was bred to be a performance quality show horse and that’s exactly what she is and then some. Her stride length at her breathtaking fox trot is absolutely unreal and she has a beautiful, correct lope. She eats up the distance on the trail, excels in all aspects of ranch work, rides bridleless with a neck rope, and has really turned into an all around safe, useful horse. She performs well for timid riders as well and has been used for lessons. She has so much try & is an absolute joy to work with. On top of her promising career under saddle, she is also the 2022 Open Junior Model Reserve World Grand Champion. She has proved her worth time and time again, being used in real world scenarios on ranches and out performing Quarter Horses when gathering cattle, sorting, and roping. She is my go-to horse to grab when I get a call that someone needs help with their cows. She is exactly the type of horse I wish to continue to produce. She produced one of the nicest fillies I’ve ever seen in September 2023 and I’m only willing to let go of Cricket right now due to wanting to keep this filly.


Mouse’s Magic Misty Grey

$3,500 2 in 1 in foal to Bentley

Misty is a 14.3 hand 2004 mare by the late, great stallion of the 80s, Grey’s Stud Mouse. Though she has changed hands numerous times through the years, I have contacted numerous previous owners and heard many wonderful things about her. She has an easy, natural flat foot walk and big, flashy fox trot, and will not surprise you with any alternative intermediate gait. She is an easy keeper with likely 10 more years of riding left with proper care. She is so incredibly sweet and will follow me anywhere with the largest, kindest eyes. She was shown in her younger years, used to check cattle, and was a good, solid trail horse. She has such a quiet, calming presence that is just amazing to be around but I have not been on her in about a year. She really out produced herself with a gorgeous colt in September 2023 by HHF Bentley and is bred back for a fall 2024 foal- will confirm via ultrasound again before she leaves. She is an amazing mother, very vigilant, but let us interact with her colt from day 1 with zero issues. Due to her age, I will be picky about her going to a good home.


Hollywood Ellie Mae S.


This 15.1 hand, 2008 Hollywood Playboy daughter belongs to my grandfather. I have ridden Ellie Mae a handful of times and am extremely pleased with the quality of this mare. She had extensive Parelli training before purchase, hundreds of trail miles, and on top of that, she’s sired by one of the leading performance sires in the breed today! She is truly a “full package” horse, with disposition, quality, and extensive training. She has been a huge asset to my breeding program, as I’ve purchased her September 2023 filly by HHF Bentley. Because my grandfather no longer rides, he would like to sell her upon weaning in the next few months. I will be taking her through the Clinton Anderson fundamentals, intermediate, and started on the advanced series in the meantime to really get her “polished” for her next home. She is also currently being used for youth lessons. She is open but can be bred to HHF Bentley at no additional cost at the buyer’s request.


Little Birdie


Birdie is a February 2022 filly raised by Susan and Gary Thomlinson. I have immense respect for their breeding program and jumped on the opportunity to own this filly. She has the disposition that their herd is famous for and is as gaited as it gets. She will be an amazing model, versatility, ranch horse, and beginner friendly trail prospect. She is a Chocolatier granddaughter out of a Gone N Dun It daughter. She is homozygous for black with one copy of the silver gene. I bought her knowing that she would cross extremely well with Bentley someday to produce some seriously stocky offspring and perfect all around prospects. She is currently 14.3 hands at 20 months old and I would expect her to mature at 15.1 hands with an extremely wide frame. We have done extensive work from the ground with this horse and are extremely impressed with her willing disposition. She stands for trimming, regularly stands tied for an hour or two at a time, stands for bathing, loads easily, and wears a saddle while working on the ground work exercises in Clinton Anderson’s Fundamentals and Intermediate series to a B+ to A range in proficiency, and even a few from the Advanced series, like picking you up off the fence. She’s softer in the bridle than 90% of the broke horses we’ve ridden for the public. She’s so broke on the ground, I’d take her out trail riding & driving cattle today if she was physically mature enough. She just needs time to mature and will make a fantastic trail/versatility/ranch horse prospect once she’s ready for work under saddle. Unless someone offers what we want for her, she’s going to be a fantastic first horse for our daughter.


HHF Final Play

$12,000—Sale Pending

I am extremely excited to announce that Lila, one of the last offspring of Cardinal’s MVP, and out of Katie, has returned home. This April 2021 filly is everything I dreamed she would be. Photos do her no justice; she is extremely well built with kind eyes and Katie’s beautiful arched neck, shows absolutely amazing rhythm in her flat foot walk and fox trot, and is so smart and easy to work with. She is on track to mature at a wide framed 15.1-15.2. I have been taking her through the ground work exercises in Clinton Anderson’s Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced series and is now working through the Fundamentals under saddle. You never have to worry about what gait she’ll give you- she is geared to flat foot walk, fox trot, and canter, and will walk slower at “Quarter Horse speed.” She could go in any direction and will cross extremely well with Bentley.

 *recent official name change with MFTHBA from Cardinal’s Golden Spell to HHF Final Play*


Sheza Whole Lot Of Chocolate “Maddie”

Not for sale. 

Maddie is a stunning 14.3 hand, 2013 daughter of the world famous Chocolatier, who was purchased and shipped to stand at stud in Austria, and out of a very nice performance mare with greats on her papers such as The Cardinal M., Cast Iron Willy, and Traveler’s Jester. She has really stood out in the show ring, being one of the few horses of rare color in the performance ring to really hold their own and place well, even at Ava and the NAB show. I’m excited to see what she produces- she is such a high quality mare, regardless of color, and will produce great performance prospects with bright futures, color or no color. She has been bred to C.I.A. this spring and will be bred to Bentley in the future. She is not for sale due to the fact that a friend entrusted me with her in hopes that I would be her final, forever home, and I happily respect that.




Hekla is a 13.1 hand, 13 year old registered Icelandic mare that was imported from Iceland. She belongs to a client of mine and is a horse that I have truly have had a lot of fun on. She does extremely well for a confident rider and has never given me, my fiancé, or her previous trainer that my client purchased her from any problems. Unfortunately, her current owner is a beginner in her 60s and this mare has learned to spin towards the barn when she feels like going back home to her pasture and it has caused some “unplanned dismounts.” She does not have a mean bone in her body, but I want to be completely honest that she is available due to the fact that she’s knocked the confidence of her owner. She is utd on shots, coggins, and passed a moderately intensive pre purchase exam in December (everything but x-rays). Her saddles, bridle, gel pads, and girths are also available to come with her.

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